About CBSS

In 1993,the Federal Government of Nigeria called on 9 experts in the field of space science to draw up a space policy. The experts strongly recommended that Nigerian Government create a Centre for Basic space science to coordinate space research activities in the Universities and Research Institutions in the country.

In 1999 a serious consideration was given to the establishment of space Agency, space policy and centre for Basic Space Science (CBSS). Eventually, the establishment of CBSS was implemented in 2001. University of Nigeria was chosen as a temporary site, with office located adjacent to UNN Internet Centre.


Our Mandate:

The Mandate of the Centre includes:

  • Conducting research to expand the frontiers of knowledge in Atmospheric Science and Astronomy.
  • The development of skills and knowledge of researchers.
  • Enhancement of international collaboration with other Centres with similar interests, in well defined projects, in such a way that Nigerian Scientists and Engineers must ab-initio be involved in the development process.
  • Promotion of the introduction of Atmospheric Sciences and Astronomy into the curricular at all levels of our educational systems.
  • Design, fabrication and patent space technology instruments and products, and appropriate hardwares and softwares.
  • Promotion of outreach and awareness programs capable of exciting young minds and disseminating to the general public the tremendous benefits derivable from Space Science and Technology.
  • Encouragement of relevant activities in other Centres to provide the much-needed physics education required for a thorough understanding of studies and problems in other areas of space science applications.
  • To serve the distinct advisory and policy-making – roles to governmental and non-governmental agencies.



  • Undertake comprehensive inventory of space researchers, equipment and projects in Nigeria with the aid of a National Workshop.
  • Pursue programs of scientific research with a view to consolidating existing knowledge or uncovering fundamental knowledge concerning our cosmic environment by making use of either ground based or space borne observational instruments.
  • Set up programs, training of space scientists and engineers for the needs of the nation. Such programs should provide means of developing a feeling of confidence and self-reliance among the scientists and engineers.
  • Provide means for greater international, understanding, solidarity, cooperation and collaboration between scientists world wide.
  • Develop intensive programs for science popularization through the study of basic space science.




International Year of Astronomy (2009)

International Year of Astronomy
The vision of the International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009) is to help the citizens of the world rediscover their place in the Universe through the day- and night time sky, and thereby engage a personal sense of wonder and discovery.

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